I’m not procrastinating, I’m just doing something other than what I should be doing.

Tigers at Milwaukee County Zoo

Feeling stuck, buddy? Yeah, I know the feeling.

Full plate. 

Self doubt. 

An entire list of things I’d rather be doing or should be doing instead of writing a book. 

I know these are all forms of the “resistance” that I mentioned here, and yet, even after recognizing and identifying them, I have a hard time getting back into this.

It’s easy to say, “Okay….GO!” It’s a lot harder to actually go. Especially when it feels like you’re pretty much starting from scratch.

On to more important things

I’ll stop with the “woe is me” crap. I know I just gotta get my act together and stop delaying the work that needs to be done. But while I’m here, let’s talk about some cool things happening (more procrastination? Yeah, probably):

  1. Lindsay and I have our first ever blogger event for Happy by Design, tonight. I know, crazy right? Some people out there ACTUALLY think we’re bloggers. Anyway, more details to come afterwards.
  2. I’m officially caught up on Game of Thrones. So many feelings. First thing I did after finishing? Searched for “Game of Thrones” on Buzzfeed to see what all I had missed. This is my favorite post, so far.
  3. We’re shopping for halloween costumes for Jackson. Hubby says (and I quote), “This conversation begins and ends with Yoda.” Consider me on board!

Ending on a not-so-clear note

This is all just to say, “Hey world – I see you out there, doing your thing. Good job. I’m feeling a little stuck, but thought I’d check in anyway and say ‘What’s up?'”

In other words, I wish I had it all figured out like this kid. But alas, I don’t.


About Lindsay

Happy mother of one, advertising account executive, so-so runner, always caffeinated

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It's almost comical how exhausted I look I this picture. Or, how exhausted I am in this picture. I was the last one to teach today and those 30 minutes were equal parts fear and joy mixed with the bittersweet feelings of "an ending" coupled with the nerve-wracking energy that propels us into unknown "beginnings." These last 10 months have been emotional, joyous and introspective. I'm so thrilled to be a registered yoga teacher! So honored to have taught/learned/laughed/cried/danced/sang/practiced alongside my fellow teacher trainees. And feel blessed to have learned from Mel and Jes who poured their hearts and heads into this program. 💜 Do good. Be good. 🕉

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