We came, We saw, We ate bacon-wrapped chicken bits…for a good cause

Vanity Fair_LiftTOUR_Poster (1)

Yesterday evening, Lindsay and I attended our first-ever “Exclusive Blogger Event” representing Happy by Design.

What’s all the hub bub about? 

Actually, it’s all for a really good cause. Vanity Fair is a lingerie brand that is trying to help out the not-for-profit organization, Dress for Success by donating brand new bras to the local chapter. They’re doing so by driving all around the country on a tour bus and helping women get properly fitted for their bra size (and if you’re anything like me, you know this is a nightmare and you appreciate whatever help you can get). For every woman that they help fit, they’ll donate one of their brand new bras to the local Dress for Success organization.

photo 3 photo 2

Who is Dress for Success?

Dress for Success is an organization that helps disadvantaged women find suitable job interview outfits so that they can have a real chance at landing that next job and putting their best foot forward. They also support these women by providing a network of support and the career development tools to help them thrive in work and life.

Like Goodwill or Salvation Army, Dress for Success accepts donations of nicer, gently used clothes for professional use, but the problem that all of these organizations share is that not many people donate undergarments because those can’t be donated as gently used, they need to be brand new or else they won’t pass inspection. Most people find it easy to donate gently-used clothes, but it’s less likely that you’ll go buy a brand new bra or pack of underwear and give it away.

As of my last count, Vanity Fair has donated 1,535 bras through the LiftTOUR alone…and they’re not done, yet!

As for Lindsay and I…

In terms of the cause, we were both on board. I mean, our tagline for Happy by Design is, “A community of mothers who follow their passions,” so supporting a campaign that does just that felt like a good thing to do.

And then you throw in the whole FREE BRA TO KEEP thing and really, you don’t need to twist my arm. Bras are expensive! My budgeting guru sided with me on this one.

A smile, a measuring tape, some encouraging words to pass on to others, and then OMG BACON-WRAPPED CHICKEN.

I’ll give you the highlights…

  • We arrived.
  • Wrote down some fun things on boards and posed in front of the step-and-repeat.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 4

Note: I give Lindsay credit for coming up with both sayings. I kind of stole “Mother Runners” from her. My only addition was, “Fellow.” But she’s just so johnny-on-the-spot! I couldn’t resist. 

  • We went inside the tour bus and talked with the ladies helping with this effort
  • We got fitted.
  • We wrote some inspirational sayings down for women who would be receiving our donated bra.
  • We took some selfies by the selfie wall which turned out like I expected they would after we both worked a full day in the office and only slightly re-applied makeup (hence, why I’m not posting them here)
  • We collected our goody bag.
  • We ate ALL OF THE BACON GOODNESS and some other delicious things.
  • We left.

Only thing we didn’t do very well was mingle. It was an event for bloggers so it would have been the perfect opportunity to talk with other Milwaukee-based bloggers who liked free bras (so obviously we have a lot in common already), but alas, our shyness got the best of us.

If you’re in the market for a new bra…also make it for a good cause! 

Overall, it was a pretty good evening. I wasn’t asked to write a post about the event, but I do appreciate the good will that Vanity Fair is putting forth into the world and I thought you might want to know about it too.

Also, if you’re in the market for a new bra anyway, check out one of the fitting locations happening in our area right now. Get fitted and Vanity Fair will donate another bra to Dress for Success.

Looking for more information on this campaign?

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