I Never Thought Blogging Would…

Little Mama

Please settle in and enjoy this picture of my baby holding a baby while reading a blog post about blogging.


I never thought blogging would… 

  • Introduce me to so many different people.
    Like attract like. It makes sense to stumble onto blogs about motherhood, writing or running, those are my passions. I also love cooking, interior design and DIY house projects. Yet, I’m drawn to people and spaces that are who are so unlike me: single, no kids, ultra-fashionable, Canadian, Mormon. Why do I keep reading? Their blogs are authentic and their voice resonates.
  • Make me fall in love with so many Mormons.
    See The Daybook and Love Taza. I love their posts about motherhood but I can’t believe how flawless these moms are while riding their bikes. It’s insane. They are so out of my league.
  • Make me crave a Dirty Dr. Pepper.
    So many Mormon bloggers love Dirty Dr. Peppers and they love to blog about loving Dirty Dr. Peppers. What is a Dirty Dr. Pepper? It’s Dr. Pepper with coconut syrup and a freshly squeezed lime. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?
  • Be hard.
    During my pregnancy I started a personal blog. It was a great way to document my fears, thoughts and ideas surrounding motherhood. When my daughter arrived, I documented milestones and mundane moments on this space. When she hit her second birthday, I started pulling back from the blog. She was more active and her little personality started to shine. She had no idea that I was writing about her on such a public forum for everyone to read. Well, for my mom to read. It started to feel uncomfortable and the writing wasn’t authentic. Then, Jamie and I started this space. Read the About Us section. We are motivated, we are fierce! When the ideas are flowing and time is on your side, writing feels (and is) a breeze. Then, reality sets in, work piles up and the blog goes on the back burner. At times, that’s OK. Our careers, families and health take priority over writing. Staying motivated takes time and requires consistency and discipline. It’s safe to say that we both work well under structure and deadlines. Racing schedules help us lace up and get out the door. Jamie is writing a novel based on a words-per-day/week goal. This Blogtober challenge has lit a fire under us to post daily.
  • Be the catalyst to something more.
    Blogging is easily written off as silly and pointless because anyone can create a site. Right now, I could care less about our website traffic and statistics. I’m just happy that this space has helped deepen my friendship with Jamie and has provided me with fuel to pursue – and explore – my passions.

Enough blogging about blogging, time for some Shark Tank and wine. Happy Friday!

About Lindsay

Happy mother of one, advertising account executive, so-so runner, always caffeinated

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It's almost comical how exhausted I look I this picture. Or, how exhausted I am in this picture. I was the last one to teach today and those 30 minutes were equal parts fear and joy mixed with the bittersweet feelings of "an ending" coupled with the nerve-wracking energy that propels us into unknown "beginnings." These last 10 months have been emotional, joyous and introspective. I'm so thrilled to be a registered yoga teacher! So honored to have taught/learned/laughed/cried/danced/sang/practiced alongside my fellow teacher trainees. And feel blessed to have learned from Mel and Jes who poured their hearts and heads into this program. 💜 Do good. Be good. 🕉

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