Funniest Childhood Memories

Zache Sisters: Lindsay, Kirsten and Lauren

Zache Sisters: Lindsay, Kirsten and Lauren


Are you in need of a good laugh? Call or email your siblings and ask them to share their funniest childhood memories. After reading the responses from my two younger sisters, I was in giggling with tears streaming down my face.

The majority of our “funniest” moments are only funny in hindsight. Recalling stories from our childhood forces us to verify details with one another and then ask: “Was that…normal?” Probably not.

My sisters and I don’t share too many common interests but we loved the obscure computer game Heroes of Might and Magic and agree that our Grandma was the best. Here are some of our favorite childhood memories, all centered around our Grandma. She loved us fiercely and couldn’t pass up a good bargain.

Let’s go to the movies 

We would go “movie hopping” with our Grandma. What is movie hopping? You pay for one movie and then hang out in the theater to try and catch other movies. This was always a good plan in theory but it never really worked out, timing wise. We always ended up seeing 1.65 movies. I remember walking into the movie Sneakers about 40 minutes late. I kept asking questions about the plot and my grandma waved her hand at the screen as if to say “Who cares if we don’t understand the story? This – all of this right here – is free.” Also, Sneakers is not appropriate for a nine-year-old.

Let’s go to the movies and BYOS

It’s understandable that we smuggled snacks into the movie theater. We need to stock up for a two to four hour afternoon of movie watching. The actual snacks – or rather meals – we had to carry in were a bit unnecessary. One afternoon, we made a pit stop to the local George Webbs for a bag of burgers. Then, I carried a bag burgers into the theater. I’m assuming the large white paper bag under my arm wasn’t discrete. If it wasn’t, the crinkle sound and smell of George Webb-grade beef was a dead giveaway that we weren’t snacking on movie-theater popcorn.

Of course this young child is under the age of two. Let’s make a deal. 

Sure, grandma passed my youngest sister off as a two-year-old well into her kindergarten years. Who blames her? She also was the queen of returning. Returning any item to any store. A few highlights include returning one bite of hamburger because it was cold and a sweater to a store that didn’t carry that brand.

Clean up in aisle nine 

This story doesn’t have anything to do with my grandma but I can’t stop laughing at one of my sister’s stories and had to share.

“I remember being on the end of a shopping cart at the grocery store, Dad pushed it too close to a sewer drain and the cart flipped over right on top of me.”

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One response to “Funniest Childhood Memories

  1. 1. Love this comment from your grandma: “This – all of this right here – is free”.

    2. I seriously re-read that as well thinking, “Did she really mean sneakers? Like the one with Robert Redford?” And then you confirmed that yes, it probably wasn’t a good movie for kids. But also, that’s funny because I swear not that many people know about that movie. I tried to make Jake watch it once and he fell asleep and then got very confused. Because it is a confusing movie if you don’t pay close attention.

    Good stuff!

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