Monday Motivation: The Best Laid Plans


A last minute trip up to the Dells with friends? No problem! Let me just squeeze on back here with you guys.

A last minute trip up to the Dells with friends? No problem! Let me just squeeze on back here with you guys.

Today’s Monday motivation post is going to be about taking it easy…but trying just a little bit.

A recap of sorts…

Has your vacation started yet? Ours is basically in full swing and it’s quite the roller coaster of ups and downs.

The ups so far have included a last minute trip to the Dells and water park adventures (Friday through Sunday) with some amazing friends. Then we went back to the Watertown area for a Christmas family gathering and a visit with some old friends (Sunday afternoon). Tomorrow, we have a play date set to go to Jump country in the morning…which I think the husbands are more excited about than the kids are, and then on Wednesday (Christmas eve) we’ll be heading up to the Hudson area to visit with my family until Sunday. We’ll do Christmas with them, and then we’ll also be celebrating our niece’s 3rd birthday party.

The downs? Well lots of driving for one. Up to the Dells, back to Milwaukee. Up to Hudson (5.5 hours) and back down on Sunday. We manage, and Jackson is becoming a great little road tripper, but still, we all wish the time would pass quicker than it does.

The other bummer is that Jackson has a nasty cough/cold combo and if it were up to him he would just chug children’s Motrin. (Sorry buddy…there’s a waiting period before the next dose). Sleeping through the night in the Dells on Friday and Saturday night was a little trying, but we made it work (and by “made it work” I mean I let him sleep in the bed with me which really was just a lot of him changing positions every five minutes and then coughing in my face…but hey you do what works). Yesterday, though, he took a turn for the worse. I don’t think it’s the flu, but he was running a high fever, his cough was making him gag which made him puke at one point, and we were doing the tylenol/motrin switch off throughout the night to keep the fever down. This morning, he finally got a couple hours of hard sleep in and stayed sleeping until 8:30 (which is really late considering he’s typically up by 6am). So today we’re lying low, playing with a new puzzle he got from Jake’s aunt and watching Toy Story while playing with his new basketball hoop in the basement.

About those plans…

Now this isn’t all to say “woe is me.” Really, it’s the time of the year, he hasn’t had so much as a runny nose in the last couple months and it was to be expected. But, it has thrown in a kink in the aforementioned “best laid plans.” Today was supposed to be Mommy/Daddy break day. It’s the only day where he was going to go to daycare for a couple hours so that we could relax, get things in order and get some energy back up for the long week of activities ahead of us.

Obviously, that didn’t happen. I couldn’t imagine sending him to daycare right now, and I’m actually thankful that this happened during break and not during a busy work day. But still, we’ll just have to manage with the precious few hours of a break we get during naptime and after he goes to bed (if he goes to bed unassisted).

So instead of using this day to go work out, go to a coffee shop and write for a while, wrap presents, bake, take a REALLY long shower, do some reading….well, I’ll be okay with the small workout I got done, and the fact that I’m currently writing a blog post during nap time (but I have to hurry because I think he’s already waking up), and I may get Jackson to help me with some baking, later on.

It’s a lot. Yeah…

We don’t normally take on this much right around Christmas, but there were just some really great things that we didn’t want to miss out on. And we’re young, we’ve got enough energy to keep going. But it does get a little tiring. So here’s to another Monday of filling your cup with some really strong coffee and enjoying the time you have with your loved ones before the actual Monday morning grind starts up again. For me, that’s next week, already. For some of you it might not be until the 5th. Regardless, make it a good one…no matter your circumstances.


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