“I’ve just been sooooo busy.” Oh just shut up, already!


Who’s that aimed at? Myself. I hate saying that line. And yet I say it all. the. damn. time.  I know it’s not an excuse for not getting back to my friend’s emails. I know it’s not an excuse for not taking the time to be there for others. And I don’t know what to do about it. Because, well, I am busy. But really I should change that to “invested.” Because I feel like that’s more accurate. And maybe it’s slightly less eye-roll inducing, (okay, maybe it hits high on your marketing cheese-o-meter, but that’s a challenge for another day).  And because I realize that saying you’re busy is not just a comment on your state of affairs. When said to others it can come off as vague and ambiguous and like you don’t care enough to tell them what’s really going on.

Recently I’ve stumbled upon a few articles regarding how people love to say that they’re “busy.” It makes sense. Being busy makes you feel like you’re being productive, like you’re doing some important work. Here’s one such article on the disease of being busy. Good stuff. Go read it and come back.

But one has to ask, why is it so important to tell others that you’re busy? And are you really busy or does your life just feel hectic? If you find your list of busy is just things you do every day, and it feels about right, well then maybe you need to re-prioritize what you do so you can add in more time for your relationships. If you count too many things and you also know you do those everyday, then you may have a time management problem. And if you’re truly trying to take something on, work on a goal, or help your kid(s) through something, or you’re swimming in the middle of a project, then say that instead of saying you’re “busy”.
I’m saying all of this because I am the worst offender of the over-general “I’ve just been RIDICULOUSLY busy lately and can barely keep my head above water.” And truth be told, it’s a combination of a lot of things.

I AM working on a huge project at work (debatably the biggest project of my career to date) .

I AM trying to meet a new goal of running a ten minute mile by St. Patty’s day so I’ve been getting up early and going to the gym a couple times a week (which makes for an early bedtime). (oh let’s be honest here) thinking about getting back to the gym as SOON as this work thing clears up.

I AM trying to figure out this whole potty training thing. I know, what’s to figure out? The kid just needs to sit on the potty. Yeah, yeah, yeah….trying telling him that.

Then there’s all the other not-so-monumental stuff like the extra five to ten minutes it takes for my son to put his own boots on, and get in the car on his own…”I DO, MAMA!” Okay. I got it. Guess we won’t be eating dinner until 7pm tonight because I now have to figure in the time it takes to wait for you do these things. I digress. Then there’s figuring out why my little coffee pot at work no longer works (such a sad day). Then there’s remembering due dates on library books. You get the point. As the list goes on, the tasks get less meaningful but they are nonetheless, tasks that still need to be accomplished.

What is not on my busy list? Writing and editing my book. Planning out ideas for the blog. Spending time with family and friends.

…And that’s my fault too. I had the thought of “I WISH those were on my busy list.” And then I mentally punched myself because they rightfully should be. And is there someone or something holding me back from making them a priority? Nope. But at the same time, there are only so many hours in a day. And even the though the saying goes, “You have just as many hours in a day as Beyoncé” I would say “Yes, but even she has to juggle at times.”

So I’m not busy. I’m juggling. I’m invested. But I’m hopeful that in a couple weeks I can at least start juggling a new set of priorities that I will be invested in.

Reader poll: Are you guilty of the “I’m so busy!” comments…or are you going above and beyond and letting others in on the heart of the matter? Inquiring minds want to know your sneaky habits!

About Lindsay

Happy mother of one, advertising account executive, so-so runner, always caffeinated

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