Monday Motivation: Can We Not?

Okay, it's not this bad outside. But doesn't it feel this way? Side note: this is from a blizzard in 1977. Yikes!

Okay, it’s not this bad outside. But doesn’t it feel this way? Side note: this is from a blizzard in 1977. Yikes!

It was -6 degrees this morning. And for being the shortest month of the year, it seems to be dragging on longer than usual.

So to that I say, “Can we not, February?”

I know this is supposed to be your motivation for the week, but sometimes it’s not us that needs the motivation. It’s this month and it’s this weather that needs to get moving on to springier seasons.

And I know that because I live in the Midwest it’s something I should get used to. But I can’t. I mean, I like winter for the most part, but this particular slow crawl to the end of the season is always intolerable.

Today, though, I haven’t left the house yet. That’s right. The little man has a nasty cough and a runny nose and we are staying put in our nice warm house.

However, it’s still Monday. So yeah, I’m still doing a little work from home, and then taking PTO for the rest of the time.

So if you have the opportunity to snuggle down today…do just that.

And then read this hilarious post, “Hey…Can you not invite February? No Offense.” It’s what February would be like if she was a terrible excuse for a friend.

A preview from that post…

A: She’s a psycho!

B: I know. She’s so annoying.


B: Because we literally cannot ditch her. Not unless we move to like, Florida or Australia or something. Just accept that February is that friend who we grew up with because our parents are best friends with her parents. She’s gone skiing with our families. We’ve seriously known her our whole lives. We can’t get rid of her.

…It gets better. And on the plus side, only 5ish days left of this not-so-stellar month. And then it’s on to shamrock shakes and my birthday!

Stay warm, people.

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Happy mother of one, advertising account executive, so-so runner, always caffeinated

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It's almost comical how exhausted I look I this picture. Or, how exhausted I am in this picture. I was the last one to teach today and those 30 minutes were equal parts fear and joy mixed with the bittersweet feelings of "an ending" coupled with the nerve-wracking energy that propels us into unknown "beginnings." These last 10 months have been emotional, joyous and introspective. I'm so thrilled to be a registered yoga teacher! So honored to have taught/learned/laughed/cried/danced/sang/practiced alongside my fellow teacher trainees. And feel blessed to have learned from Mel and Jes who poured their hearts and heads into this program. 💜 Do good. Be good. 🕉

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