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Admittedly, I’ve been pretty quiet on this blog.

Over the last year, there’s been an inward focus and I’ve dedicated time and energy to better understand what happiness means to me. I have not arrived at a concrete answer but I have discovered what brings me joy and what drains my energy. This list is under the lens of self-discovery (not intended to be preachy!). On my 34th birthday, I’m giving myself permission to reflect and maybe get a little sentimental. If you’re in that mood too, read on!


  1. Life is precious.
  2. Prioritize priorities.
  3. Raising a little kid and a big kid is a challenge and a joy.
  4. Taking trips with girlfriends is always worth the logistics and time.
  5. Change is a constant.
  6. We don’t need any more things.
  7. Understanding different perspectives on motherhood is humbling.
  8. Having a strong point of view takes guts.
  9. Having a strong point of view and an open mind makes a lot of things easier.
  10. Food is medicine.
  11. A month without coffee isn’t so bad.
  12. We are all stronger than we think we are.
  13. Always accept hand-me-downs.
  14. There are many definitions of minimalist.
  15. I’d like to be a minimalist.
  16. Green smoothies are a great way start to the day.
  17. Bloody Mary’s are a great way to start the day.
  18. Podcasts are a great way to start the day (and pass the time when cleaning).
  19. I scroll on my phone way too much.
  20. But I just love @picturesoftext on Insta so much.
  21. Running is still really hard.
  22. There is no finish line.
  23. I’m probably more of an introvert than I think I am.
  24. Learning my husband’s MBTI type was eye-opening.
  25. Flowers from Trader Joes are a good investment.
  26. Cheese from Trader Joes is a no brainer.
  27. Getting older isn’t that scary.
  28. Buying stuff doesn’t make me feel happy.
  29. But planning purchases does.
  30. Date nights on the couch with fancy takeout are actually fun.
  31. You’ll never be wrong by trusting your parenting instincts.
  32. In yoga, going upside down is really fun.
  33. Trusting myself to go upside down is really hard.
  34. Finding the root cause is more fulfilling than constantly searching for a band-aid.


The Middle


In January, I committed to my health in two important ways. The first, registering for yoga teacher training and training for a half-marathon.

The two journeys started on their own path but like many things in life, they are starting to support and combat one another.

Somewhere deep down (very, very deep down) I have missed running. I didn’t miss training indoors on the dreadmill or repetitive loops around the track. I didn’t miss battling Mother Nature’s elements either, but I did miss the routine and the build running programs offers. One week you’re absolutely certain there is no physical way your body can run more than six miles and a month later you’re running ten miles. I’m still in the “Ten miles, no way!” camp of training but I can see a small light at the end of the tunnel.

Yoga teacher training is a completely different discipline and I’ve embraced my role as a student. I’ve completed four of the ten weekends of teacher training and my thoughts and emotions are all over the place. I’m energized, humbled and intimated. Some weeks I’m more committed than others. New yoga pants have been purchased but a solid daily meditation practice? Not so much.

You know that feeling when you’re on a long road trip? You’ve burned through the trail-mix, looking forward to the next state but you’re not sure how and when you’ll ever reach your final destination? Is the final destination the best part or is it the trip itself? Does it matter?

Too literal of an analogy?

Even so, that’s where I am. The trail-mix will do but, didn’t we just eat that an hour ago? Each state is better than the last and how did I not know that Idaho was this beautiful? Where are we going again? Will I even know when we’ve arrived? I’m in the middle and by definition, the middle is the messiest. If not the messiest, it certainly feels the most confined.

This type of nonsensical question-asking is just the sort of the thing The Middle loves, I assume.

What does The Middle feel like?

A little yoga 101, there are eight limbs of yoga (we’re familiar with the third limb asanas, postures). The second limb are the Niyamas which are moral codes that guide us toward positive behavior. They are principles that help us live our yoga practice on and off of the mat. The third Niyama is tapas meaning, discipline and “burning enthusiasm.” Tapas can mean cultivating a sense of self-discipline, passion and courage in order to burn away “impurities” physically, mentally and emotionally, and paves the way to our true greatness. It’s the fieriness that gets our heart pumping, heightens our desire for personal growth.

Pretty intense, right? And that’s where I am right now.

For me, yoga has also become the “insulation to my live wire.”

Another tool in my toolbox to pull out when my thoughts get the best of me. The practice helps me pause and ask “Is this situation worthy of an emotional, intense, dramatic reaction?” The discipline has helped me stay present and recognize that emotions are not something to push through, but rather embrace and honor.

It is not a magic bullet, an easy pill or the means to an end. It’s intense to see real physical change and recognize the path to personal growth. I’m constantly worried I’ll slip back into bad habits or behavior patterns. Or that I’m a fraud or undeserving. I’m worried state of vulnerability is fleeting and over time, my shell will build back up.

We tend to be comfortable with the end result. We love the before and after. We love to know about the process to transformation but please, just give me an overview and a path to follow. Boxes to check until I can check the biggest box, the end result! Rarely do we pause and reflect on the true discipline personal transformation requires. Or, at least I rarely paused.

Since this reflection is truly about the middle and the transformation might only be significant to me, there’s really no ending. Only comfort in knowing we can make small incremental changes. They matter to our physical and mental health, our families, friends and community. Or maybe they don’t, maybe they’ll just matter to you and to me and that’s alright too.

Pumping at Work: Plan vs. Reality


Do you believe if you fail to plan then you plan to fail?

Failure, by it’s very definition, is an all-around bummer.

Planning provides structure and alludes to the promise of change. A solid plan can help to get meals on the table, save money and achieve fitness goals. In order to reach goals, plans need action and follow through.

Even with the best intentions and planning, reaching my pumping and nursing goals has been a challenge.

I work outside of the home and my son is six months old. He currently receives a mix of formula and breast-milk. An ideal schedule.*

  • 6 am – nurse
  • 10 am – pump
  • 2 pm – pump
  • 5:30 pm – nurse
  • 10 pm – pump

Reality (based on observations from the last week):

  • Nurse anytime between 4:30 and 6:30 am
  • Pump between 10 am and noon
  • Pump by 4 pm
  • Nurse when I get home around 5:30 pm

I’m embarrassed to admit this reality because I’m in complete control of my schedule. My employer provides ample time and opportunity to pump. On paper (and in Outlook), my pumping and work schedule is manageable. In reality, it’s tough to duck out of meetings, client calls, work trips, brainstorming sessions or personal work time to pump.

Plain and simple, pumping takes a certain discipline that I have yet to truly master. I’ve essentially “leaned out” and communicated my revised goals to my managers. For me, finding a true work-life balance is harder than barreling through to-do lists and working late. This is a topic for another day!

Back to the matter at hand, pumping at work.

In order to reach my nursing goals, I’ve re-committed myself and outlined a plan:

  • Create short-term goals. Commit to a 21 day plan and re-evaluate.
  • Schedule all nursing and pumping sessions in my calendar.
  • Make all calendar times public (vs. private). A small effort to normalize breastfeeding.
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Eat whole foods that maximize milk production
  • Have fun with smoothie and cookie recipes that boost production
  • Stay motivated!

With a revised plan, renewed commitment, supportive coworkers and family members, I have confidence in my nursing and pumping goals. Breastfeeding is a grueling commitment and daily grind but I know it’s a short season. One that I’ll look back on with fondness.

Do you have any tips on maintaining a pumping schedule? Where do you turn for motivation? 

*Based on personal lactation consultant recommendations. She suggested ten sessions a day in order to increase (or, “kick-start”) supply in order to reach my goal of reducing formula feedings. The schedule outlined above made sense for my schedule and family.

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Shake it off edition

I’m sure I’ve posted this video before (or maybe that was Lindsay?), but I just needed this today.

I hope you’re all having a happy Wednesday. And if you’re not, well maybe this video will help you shake it off.


Inside the mind of a runner at racetime


Yesterday, I ran the Lucky Leprechaun 7k. For those of you wondering how long that is in miles, I can tell you it’s not four miles as I had assumed, it’s actually 4.35 miles. This is important later on.

Also, it’s the first race I’ve run this year, and even the first race I’ve run since last year’s Ragnar Relay in June. So, I was a bit nervous.

Okay, really nervous.

But I did something I’ve never done before. Before the race, I sat in my car and frantically typed out all my pre-race thoughts as I waited to go line up with the others. And after the race I quickly jotted down a lot of the things I remembered thinking throughout the race. I’ll recap some of my post-race reflections at the end, but I thought it’s about time you see the mental mind f***ery that happens to me before and during races.

Spoiler alert: I am not cool and collected. I am a big baby.



[Before the race]

It’s 9:28. I just got my packet, went to the bathroom (the lovely porta potty option), and then I walked back to my car to keep warm until the start of the race.

Nerves are really getting to me. It’s just four miles. I’ve done this distance a million times.

But it’s a race. And races have timers. And it’s not MY running path. And it’s one more marker of how much I’ve progressed since I last ran a race. Spoiler…probably not much. My last race was ragnar relay last June. Almost a year ago.


These pants are ridiculous. But at least Jake can find me in the sea of green and black runners.

Stop being nervous.

Is my stomach going to cramp from that yogurt I had an hour ago? It was Jake’s yogurt. I wish I had my yogurt. I should have saved one for today instead of bringing it for lunch on Thursday.

Don’t let it be windy.

It’s just four miles. I will be FINE!

Oh my god. It’s only 9:34! Why is time crawling like a snail? It’s cold. Those people already lining up are crazy. Go be warm for a bit.

I wish I could have that beer now.

I’m parked on a hill. Does this call for using my emergency brake?

Those guys have shorts and a t-shirt on. I’ll be fine. If I run hard I’ll warm up in no time.

These race t-shirts are sweet! Not running sweet. They’re cotton. But the material is that thin cotton material. Perfect for wearing later today.

I’ll be like, “Yeah I did that. (Pounds chest) you wanna go?”

What is this, west side story? I’m not going to fight anyone. Also no one is going to notice my shirt.

OMG. First banana costume sighting. Yes!! It’s not a race until you see the guy in the banana costume.

I should get my stuff pinned on.

[And then I raced out of my car back to the registration booth because I completely forgot that I had no pins to put on my race bib with tracker]


[During the race – mile 1]

Adrenaline. Yes! You are my friend. I am totally conquering this hill. Bring it!

Whew. Okay. That’s fine. Catching my breath.

Oh. Another hill. Come on adrenaline! Okay it’s gone already? F*** this hill. I can’t believe I’m walking up half of it. Whatever! It’s steep and I was running really hard.

Okay. Gotttttt this.

[During the race – mile 2]

Ha! I didn’t even see the mile marker. I was that “in the zone.”

Another hill? Okay. I can do this. It’s not as steep. Holy sh** it goes forever! F*** this hill.

I’m good. It’s fine. I’ve only walked twice. It was totally necessary.

Water stop! Halfway point? Oh there’s the two mile marker. Nice. Two more miles is nothing.

[During the race – mile 3]

Just focus on the next three songs. Just get through mile 3.

What is this song? No. I need GOOD songs. Skip! Skip! Skip! Okay. I can deal with that. Ugh. Should have made a playlist.

I feel like I’m hitting 10-min miles. I mean those first two were fast. I bet it averages out to 10 min miles.

3 mile marker! Almost there!

[During the race – mile 4 to finish]

Quick walk before I finish up the last mile.

1 mile is so easy. It’s like going from the park back to the house. Easy peezy!

Downhills? It’s about god damn time!

Second song. Okay two more songs. Ugh, getting tired. But it’s just two songs! You’re so close.

Third song come on  be good! Masterpiece by Jesse J? This is perfect.

Omg I’m tired. I seriously can’t breathe.

Sing. Sing to the lyrics! The finish is  just around these trees.

Oh sh**! It’s not there! Oh no the song is done. What? That was three songs? Where is the finish.

F***, it’s so far away. Omg I just want to walk. What loser walks a third of the mile before the finish? Just do it!

15 seconds. Walk fast. Okay go!

Everything hurts. Oh god, I hope nobody saw me walk.

I’m almost there! Push it!

I can not push it.

[Looked up to see the time on the clock: 10:47:55]

…okay. That’s okay. No ten-minute mile but it’s on the range I predicted.

Omg. I need to catch my breath.

Walk. Go to Lefs. Find Jake. Chug that beer!


[Recap of the race]

I did better than I expected. The weather was nice. It was only four miles. I met up with Jake, had my green beer and then we continued on with the day.

I was able to pull up the post-race results on my phone when I stopped for gas, and it was at this point that I saw I was under an 11-minute mile, not closer to a 12-minute mile like I originally thought.


So that was my feel-good for the day. My calves were killing me. My back was (and still is) seriously messed up. But it was a good check in on how well I’ve kept up my running and fitness goals over the long winter.

The next time  you’re thinking about running a race, don’t ever be intimidated by the other runners you see. Because most likely, they have their own thing going on in their head. For me, the race is about checking off a box and being able to say, “I did it!” And my hope is that the next time I race, those negative thoughts will start to turn into positive thoughts. Something along the lines of, “I’m killing it!”

So now you know what it’s like inside the mind of a runner. Go sign up for a race and don’t forget to wear fun pants!

Butt-Kicking Accountability


I’ve know for a while that I do really well when I share my goals out loud so that I can keep myself more accountable. But to be honest, most of the time those are long-term goals where I allow myself a reasonable amount of room for error. I told you how I trained for Ragnar (and that I’m planning to run this again). I told you about the first draft of a book I wanted to write. But I didn’t tell you about the days of training I skipped each week or how sometimes I didn’t hit my word goals for the day. But in the end, the goal was still accomplished.  And even though I’m happy about that, there is always a small part of me that thinks “What if I had followed the course/plan exactly? How much better would this be?”

Well, now I’m putting that to the test. Let me explain.

At work, we like to have these little competitions. Sometimes I partake, sometimes I don’t. But when this particular challenge landed in my inbox, I knew I was all in.

It’s a healthy challenge where in everyone comes up with their own weekly challenge and then you report in at the end of the week to say whether or not you met your weekly goal.

Your goal can be anything that allows you to work on your health. Some people had a goal of eating healthier, or a weekly weight goal, or increasing their steps throughout the day or working out more often. You’re not required to share your goal, but if it helps you be more accountable, you certainly can.

My goal is 30-45 minutes of exercise/5 days a week. It can be running, yoga or strength training. As I’m also running a 7k on March 21  (The Lucky Leprechaun 7k), my other goal is to get up to four miles of continuous running and my super hard goal is to do that at a 10-min-mile pace. That last one may be too ambitious for someone who has rarely worked out over the last couple months, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

So now we’re finishing up week 2. And this form of weekly accountability is truly a kick in the butt. I just finished up day 4 with a yoga session, this morning. Tomorrow, I’m going to the Petit center to run four miles on their track (okay I hope to run four miles…but it may be a slow run).

But this was an especially hard week to keep myself accountable. Jackson was home sick on Monday and Tuesday and Jake was gone on business for four days. So Monday and Tuesday I did nothing. That meant I would have 5 continuous workouts ahead of me. Wednesday and Thursday, I was rearing to go. Friday? I slept in and knew I would have to do my workout after work…which is not my favorite time to workout, anymore. But I did it! I packed my workout bag before I went to work and managed to leave a little early so I could get in a 30-minute run before I picked up Jackson from daycare. Any other time? I would have just said “It’s okay if I missed today, it’s just one day.” But yesterday was a true make or break day for my weekly goal.

Oh, did I mention there are star stickers for each week? Well, there are. Was I going to work out only four days instead of five and miss out on the star? Um, no, that’s ridiculous.

Did you know that I find star stickers to be incredibly incentivizing? Especially where it’s visible by others? Well, I guess it is. So maybe I’m the ridiculous one (as if we didn’t already know that).

So for the second week in a row, I’m on track to get the coveted weekly star. And it’s like I can just feel the triumph awaiting me each week when I finish up that day 5 workout. Woooo!!!! Done!!  GIVE ME THAT STAR!!

The success of this method, so far, makes me realize how I need to be much more “micro-accountable” with my goals.

Now as I stare at the first draft of my book of which I’m scared of how to proceed, I’m trying to think of how to employ that method to this particular challenge. To recap, the overall book goal is to have something out the door before November. But what are my daily/weekly goals in making that happen? And how do I find the proper incentive when I have a hard time even sharing what my book is about with others?

These are the things I’m wrestling with today. But I’m glad that I’m getting back to my healthier goals, and that work is not consuming my entire life like it was for the last couple months.

Do you have any butt-kicking accountability tips to share? Where have you had success? Or even, what hasn’t worked for you?

Stay warm!

Get romantical


Not a Valentine’s day picture, but one from our 5th Anniversary trip. Still a romantical time.

I considered writing a Valentine’s day post since I actually had plans for Valentine’s day. It was the first time in…ohhhhh…three years, maybe? But I didn’t want to jinx what I anticipated would be the romanticalness (these are words, people) of the evening.

But it was romantical. Our version of romantical. What is romantical? It’s just your way of celebrating a little romance in your life.

Our romantical day included the following:

1. Dropping little man off at the grandparent’s house in Watertown.

2. Playing each other on Trivia Crack and seeing who could win more challenges.

3. Taking a nap in separate corners of the house – him on the couch, me up in the bed. How is this romantical? It’s sleeping. It’s during the day. It’s without kids. Who cares if we’re not snuggling. It was heaven.

4. Dressing up a little fancier than usual: a dress that’s fun and slightly twirly, navy blue tights and a little lipstick. He wore something that wasn’t a t-shirt. It totally counts.

5. Enjoying a restaurant we used to visit when we lived in that part of town, remembering how we love the music they play there, and talking about the movie we were about to see (in whispers…because there were kids around).

6. Bringing a drink into the movie theater and commenting on why the iPic lady (on screen) was wearing the same dress in every shot. Why couldn’t she change her wardrobe? Was that not allowed?

7. Enjoying the movie, and openly making fun of the sillier things, “No seriously, you can’t just pull up to a building that big and park right in front. That doesn’t happen!”

8. Smiling when your husband says, “Ohhhhhh, a cliff hanger!” at the end of the movie, because you know you can convince him to see the next one with you. And also smiling when the movie buff proclaims, “It wasn’t as bad as I expected.” Which, in his world, is an okay review.

9. And then you know, going home and sleeping and ONLY thinking about your child who you dearly miss. Show’s over. The end.*

The next day we had to return to reality, which was not a bad thing at all, but it was nice to just enjoy each other’s company for a day. I’m not the type to go all lovey dovey on here, or most any places really, but I think a lot of times we get so caught up in all of the other things in our life that this important aspect of our relationship can get put on the back burner, sometimes.

So if you’re looking for some romantical inspiration, here it is.

Any Valentine’s day recaps you’d like to share? If your date was Netflix, all the more power to you! That’s been our third wheel date for the last couple years.

*Okay, maybe there was a little more than that, but let’s keep it PG, okay folks? Great. 

Happy New Year!

New Years 2012

I love the New Year holiday. The celebrations, the glittery hats and the promise of a new 12 month adventure. Like most, I have mixed feelings about creating resolutions. In theory, resolutions provide us with a road-map for the year ahead. Revisiting or creating resolutions can be the first step in achieving fitness, personal or professional goals.

Of course, they can also be a recipe for disappointment. Rather than create specific goals, I’d like to focus on one word for the year. Does it feel like a cop out? Sort of. To me, this fresh approach resonates and feels achievable. When the motivation balloon has been deflated I hope to revisit my “2015 word” to gather inspiration and keep chugging along. A list of contenders:

  • Positive
  • Gratitude
  • Yes
  • Brave
  • Possibilities
  • Happiness
  • Determined

“Yes” made the cut because I’m currently reading Amy Poehler’s book Yes PleaseWhat an inspiring read by a bad-ass, positive chick. Love this:

It’s called Yes Please because it is the constant struggle and often the right answer. Can we figure out what we want, ask for it, and stop talking? Yes please. Is being vulnerable a power position? Yes please. Am I allowed to take up space? Yes please. Would you like to be left alone? Yes please.

“Yes please” sounds powerful and concise. It’s a response and a request. It’s not about being a good girl; it is about being a real woman.

“Yes” is great but it’s not specific enough. My word for 2015 is determined. Said better,

Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction.

Determination mantra!

Determination mantra!

I’m determined to be positive, express gratitude, say yes, be brace, embrace possibilities and seek happiness every single day. I’m determined to have patience with my family and myself. I’m determined to write children’s books, keep running and above all else – have fun!

Happy 2015!

Past the point of “young and reckless” but I totally get what you’re saying

I’m in the middle of another hectic week. And I’m resorting to my best bad mood lifter – music.

Speaking of which, is anyone else a little embarrassed about how much they love Taylor Swift? Well, once again she comes out with a song that is catchy and honest and even pokes a little fun at herself.

I kind of feel like another Taylor when it comes to admitting this. Yes. Taylor Wolfe over at the Daily Tay says it best.

Alright, well before we move on, just go watch Taylor Swift’s new video, “Blank Space.”


Now for the dissection. Get your scalpels out, and put on those latex gloves because this is going to get messy.

First off – I know on the surface level this song is really a big disclaimer for all of her past and future relationships. DUH.

But let me lay this on you: This is also a metaphor for the success in her life. She’s going to be crazy and passionate and write about crappy breakups. She’ll bear her sole, she’ll rip herself and others to shreds. She’ll make enemies. She’ll be the media darling. She’ll be poetic and she’ll be basic. She’ll be all of those things and she’ll serve it up on a platter that makes it REALLY hard to turn your back on, because deep down you see sides of her that you are too scared to show, yourself. She speaks for the crazy in all of us.

There. I said it!

Second – Can we all just admit that she has a knack for storytelling. Yes, I consider what she does to be storytelling. Here’s my favorite part of the song:

But the worst is yet to come
Oh no
Screaming, crying, perfect storms
I could make all the tables turn
Rose garden filled with thorns
Keep you second guessing like oh my god
Who is she? I get drunk on jealousy
But you’ll come back each time you leave
Cause darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream

Oh the fire, in this one! I bolded the lines that were especially delicious. I mean, I’ve never been this kind of a girl, but I love imagining a character like this. So vicious when you cross her. This is definitely giving me some ideas for that book I’m working on (I swear this isn’t another post about NaNoWriMo).

Third – If ONLY I could react to bad news the way she does. This would be the week for it. Vases of roses flying. Lots of mascera-smeared tears while I cackle widely to no one in particular. I could really use some of that consequence-free, emotion-fueled rampage for just a bit.

But alas, I’m no longer young and reckless (as she claims she is in this song). I’m a grown, sort-of responsible adult. And I can’t lash out when things don’t go in my favor.

Coping mechanisms.

Okay, these past two weeks could have gone more smoothly, but I can get past this. I have my tried and true coping mechanisms.

  1. Running: A good run and some punk music usually do the trick. I think this evening is very deserving of one.
  2. Writing: Oh look! Here I am, blogging on HBD. Check and check.
  3. Music: We covered Taylor Swift extensively, above. Other good songs I’m into this week include: Pitbull’s “Fireball,” an interesting cover of “The One that I want” (ignore the video itself, it’s a weird Chanel video…just focus on the fact that it’s an amazing “Grease” cover), and an oldie but a goodie, Michael Jackson’s “Scream“.

This too shall pass

I’m not going to get really deep and talk about how “We’re only on this earth for so long and it’s pointless to waste so much energy on unpleasant events that are so fleeting” but I kind of believe that. So while I get lost in the music, pick out my running clothes and hit publish on this post, I’d be interested to hear what your coping mechanisms are.

Cheers, friends!

Change of Pace



Yesterday Jamie and I went to a Halloween party at our friends’ house. After years of sitting on the sidelines it was fun to dress-up. My family went as the Parkers – Spidergirl, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. We had fun, ate, drank and got home late.

Today, we slept in (until 8!), made breakfast and went for a walk around the neighborhood. Then, we visited our local bakery for caffeine and sweet treats. On our walk home, I started making a mental checklist of everything that needed to get done around the house. I started to dread the day I was planning in my head. Laundry, cleaning and list-making (the never-ending list-making…) didn’t sound appealing but I told myself I’d be happy once the tasks were complete. Before tackling my to-do list, I checked my inbox and paused after reading this nugget of wisdom from Yoga Journal:

Most of us are judged in life by how quickly we can get things done. Because of this, it’s hard to develop the opposite mindset: one of slowing down, getting centered, and relaxing.

Many yoga classes start with a transitional period between public life and the privacy of the practice. In this period, students can simply build awareness of their own breath in order to prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually for practice. For some students, this process of slowing down is extremely difficult. Continually rushing from one activity to the next, many people are used to being hurried and impatient, so much so that it’s almost impossible to relax and get centered.

If this is true for you, ask yourself: Am I rushing because I’m under stress or am I under stress because I’m rushing? Is it always necessary to hurry so much? Would you be able to run your life just as effectively at a slower pace? If so, take some small steps to slow it down, one day at a time.


Most days on the mat, I welcome this change of pace but outside of my inconsistent yoga practice, it’s a struggle. Today, it is not necessary to hurry. I can get the house to a comfortable state of clean during Ingrid’s nap. Today, I’m skipping the list-making. Ingrid is playing with Play-Doh and watching another random Disney Junior show. I’m debating my next move: to read about Harry Potter or download Lena Dunham’s new book. Decisions, decisions.

Whether you’re rushing around or taking it easy, enjoy this wonderful Saturday!

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