Brought to you by the letter, “W”



I’m writing this post on a Saturday night and it’s sponsored by the letter, “W.” Anyone want to take a guess as to what that could stand for?

Oh you’re all so clever!

Okay, let me just get into it before the W really kicks in.

This week was HARD. Hard. With a capital “H.” Nose to the grindstone, mess with the bull and you’re going to get the horns kind of hard. Hard.

And now it’s the weekend. And according to hubby “WE’RE OFFICIALLY ON VACATION!!!” But I’m not. It’s seems I never get my timing right on these things. I have a couple more things to wrap up before we officially leave for our Florida vacation on Monday. It’s how this always goes. He goes into “I’m on vacation!” mode and then I get jealous and hide in corners of the house trying to wrap up those few last things (which, let’s be honest, it’s never a few things, it’s always a lot of things that I have to be dragged away from kicking and screaming until he finally plops me in the vacation spot and I look around and go, “Oh this is nice! Okay, let’s do this for a bit!”)

I wonder if it’s just me or if this happens to other people. I want to be so present on my trip to Florida that I’m worried that if I don’t get EVERY LAST THING DONE before I go that I’ll just constantly be thinking about those things. And then what good is a trip if I can’t even get away from those things in my mind? Alas, I will get away from those things.

I mean, it’s Disney. DISNEY. Oh my goodness, I’m finally going to Disney World! I’m so excited. And I’m excited to have five days of adult freedom with the hubby.

No “When was the last time he’s eaten? Has he had any protein? Do you smell something? That’s him, right? Jackson, KEEP YOUR SHOES ON! Wait, where is the chapstick? Oh it’s on the floor collecting dust. GET OFF OF THE DESK. THIS IS NOT OUR HOME. Fruit snacks? No I don’t have fruit snacks. You can have an apple. Apple juice? No, that wasn’t an option. Where is grandma? At her house. Yes, her house. Why? Because that’s where she lives. No, you can’t go there now. KEEP YOUR SHIRT ON IT’S FREEZING OUTSIDE.”

None of that. Of course, I say all of that knowing I’ll TERRIBLY miss all of that, but alas, he will be having the time of his life hanging out with the grandparents for five days. And I’m sure I’ll get in some good craziness when we pick him up next Saturday.

But alas, the W is getting low and I have “a couple more things to wrap up” so I’m going to stop now so that I can go be “productive.” (FYI – those were all air quotes denoting sarcasm…not actual quotes)

Happy Saturday night, you hooligans!


Monday Motivation: Don’t get stuck in the in-between

Let it go

You had to know this was coming, right?

Let it go or do something about it.

That’s the mantra I’ve created for myself today.

Like many of you, I feel like I have a holiday hangover. It’s the start of the first full work week since I left for Christmas break (although I did work a couple days last week before the new year) and it feels like it’s time. It’s time to stop shoveling food into my gullet. It’s time to get focused and re-energized. And it’s time to tackle some monumental goals. Not new year’s goals, mind you (other than to face my fears, basically), but tangible, concrete goals. Goals related to work projects. Goals related to training for my next event. The goal to get our finances in order for tax season. The goal to do something with that book I won’t shut up about.

It’s a lot to take on for a Monday after a long holiday. And even just thinking about the not-so-pleasant parts of those goals had me really stressed out this weekend. Like there may have been a small episode in the grocery store parking lot where I mentally screamed “Fudge this!” (But my mind is a little more uncouth than that). And I just felt very not-present all weekend because of the things weighing on my mind.

I hate being in the “in between.” It’s the space between the “I’ve identified a problem” and whatever comes next…”I’m just going to ignore it.” or “I’m just going to get through it.” or “I’m just going to give it my all and tell off the nay sayers in my mind!”  (I wish the last one happened more often). It’s just a lot of dwelling and thinking on what I could do or should do or shouldn’t do or REALLY shouldn’t do. I try not to get stuck dwelling on these things which make me feel like “this sucks and it’s how my life is going to be forever and ever until I die!” but it happens.

And obviously, my life is not going to be terrible forever. But in the moment, it feels that way.

So going back to my mantra, today is about letting go or doing something about it. I’m pretty good at not holding grudges, mostly because my long term memory isn’t that great (I digress), so letting go is a strong suit of mine. But all too often I let too much go and then it’s a cycle where it comes back around multiple times until I decide to do something about it. So there may be some of that today, as well. For the most part though, I want to let it go and just put my head down and get through what I need to do this day and this week so that I can have a very clear mind and “presentness” (shhh, I’m making that word happen) for our trip to Florida next week.

So where others may be shouting at you to BE DETERMINED and GO ATTACK YOUR GOALS and MAKE THOSE UNICORN DREAMS HAPPEN today…to that I say. “Sure. Go do that.” But also, deal with your past so that you can move forward. Either let it go or do something about it.

Wise words from Rafiki

Wise words from Rafiki

Here’s to a blistery cold Monday!


p.s. this post was not in any way, shape or form sponsored by Disney, but I can’t lie, I’m MORE than a little pumped for our Disney trip next week. It may be a reoccurring theme for a bit. Just bear with me.

Monday Motivation: Thinking about 2015



By the time the next Monday Motivation post comes around, it will be 2015. Does that seem crazy to you? It does to me. This year flew by incredibly quickly. But as busy as it was, I have a feeling 2015 will be equally, if not more, busy than this current year.

This ain’t your Facebook Year in Review…

I’ve spent the year capturing moments – both on camera and off. But it’s only the most pristine that I display to others (or moments that are so ridiculous that I can’t NOT share them with others). Jeff Goins noted this in his recent Year in Review post, and it holds true for me as well. I looked at the Facebook Year in Review. The reason I didn’t share it? It didn’t capture the moments that were important to me. But that’s because not all moments can fit in a small view that I display to the world through the means of social media.

So here are some of the big ticket items that stuck out to me in 2014 (in no particular order).

  1. Little man turned 2 (every birthday of his is super important in my mind)
  2. I wrote a first draft of a novel and won NaNoWriMo
  3. I started this blog with my dear friend, Lindsay
  4. I completed the almost 200-mile Ragnar Relay with 11 other amazing people
  5. I got promoted
  6. The hubby and I were able to put a sizeable chunk into savings by sticking to a budget (mostly) so that we could save up for a down payment on a new house
  7. We also hit the five-year anniversary mark. Woohoo!
  8. I ran a half marathon in Arizona with my sister

And there are the unspoken, uncatalogued moments. Like during the Ragnar Relay I faced down a fear so large I thought I was going to have a heart attack (It was the fear of letting down others, if you must know). Or the fact that I pushed aside the self-doubt and was able to conquer all kinds of negative voices in my head to write a first draft of a novel. Or that I finally started a blog and decided that I didn’t have to be the perfect writer, or be able to have “my voice” well defined ahead of time, or have everything figured out…that it was enough to just start. Or that I’m continually tested on patience and perseverance in raising a precocious, adventurous and WAY too brave 2.5 year old with a pension for very high ledges. But that all happened in 2014. And it’s crazy to think that all of that was accomplished in just 12 months.

Looking ahead…

So now I turn my eyes not to what I have done, but what I will do in the coming year. I stopped putting together new year’s resolutions a couple years ago because I don’t like arbitrary goals created just because it’s a common time of year to make goals. I like setting goals when they’re meaningful to me. So I don’t think of these as aspirations. No, these are things that are going to happen.

  1. Finishing the novel – hard deadline of October 31, 2015. That means, having it in a publishable format. I used Christmas break to start skimming the surface to see if I could try and put more order to it. And now, I have to put some real thought into how much time I want to use to edit, then I need to figure out when I can get some beta readers to critique, then another round of polishing edits, then maybe looking for  a real editor, then finishing it up. That’s what needs to happen by November 2015. At that point I hope to use November to write the next novel and hopefully be at the point where I’m shopping around my first novel.
  2. Ragnar beckons me, yet again. June 12, 2015. I swore I wouldn’t do this race again. Even though I had my fastest times, even though it was an amazing bonding experience, it was still the most stressful, mentally taxing and heart-attack inducing experience of my life (okay, minus child birth). Who would be crazy enough to go through that again? This girl. Much like I’ve forgotten the long hours of labor and excruciating pain of child birth and now fondly think of what it would be like to have a second child, I once again am turning back to that gritty Ragnar Relay. And this time, I’m coming at it with a year of experience under my belt. My training will be harder, my miles might be longer, and surely my pace will be quicker. Bring. It. On.
  3. Celebrating the five year milestone: DISNEY. DISNEY. DISNEY. Oh and yes, spending time with my hubby in a much-needed vacation to celebrate our five years together. That will be happening in January.

There is so much more I hope to conquer in 2015, but for now, those are the concrete items on my to do list. Are you still wrapping up 2014 or are do you have your sights set on what’s coming up in 2015?

Happy New Year!

My Dreamy Disney Vacation That’s Actually Going to Happen. For Realsies.

Disney World Castle

Here I come, Disney World!

Today’s #blogtober14 post is about your dream vacation. Well, I don’t know that I can define my dream vacation, but I can let you in on a little secret (which is really not a secret if you clicked on the title of this blog post already). I think it goes something like this…

The scene: I’ve just won the gold medal in the new interpretive dancing category of the Summer Olympics.

News reporter lady: Jamie, you just won the gold medal for your amazing performance. Besides the fact that you were already offered a job to teach Beyonce how to improve her dance moves, what are you going to do next?

Me…looking into camera: Well Beyonce is just going to have to wait, because I’M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!!!

End Scene.

So yes, my dreamy vacation to Disney World will be coming true in the next couple months. Jake and I are headed there to celebrate our first five-year milestone of being married together. Five years, woohoo! Anyway, we made a pact that we would go on a big vacation every time we hit a five-year milestone. We’re going in January, we’ll be in Orlando for two days (both days at Disney World) and then we’re heading to Tampa for two days to see some friends.


Top 4 reasons why I’m pumped to go Disney World. 

  1. Newbie alert: First and foremost, I’ve NEVER BEEN THERE. Okay, that one time when I did a triathlon on the grounds for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, but I never actually got to enjoy Disney World. So that’s reason number 1 why I’m pumped.
  2. Complete and utter focus on all things Disney. Most of you might assume we’re bringing Jackson because why wouldn’t you bring your kid here? Ummm. A very good reason. This is our vacation to celebrate us and we don’t want to spoil it by catering to a toddler’s every whim in an insanely large amusement park. He can go next year. Or when he’s five. I promise he’ll get there.
  3. See ya later, bitter January cold: Not only are we going there in January to have some relief from our harsh Midwestern winters, but we’re also going at the least busiest time of year for Disney World. Score!
  4. Disney Princesses. Need I say more? Ugh. Obsessed.

Disney Princess Lineup

What have we done so far? 

  • Booked the flight and hotel in Orlando.
  • Told our friends in Tampa that we’re crashing with them. Thanks guys!!!
  • Jake created a kick-butt itinerary and even included all the best food options for me to choose from (cause Character dining needs about 180 day in advance reservation. Yes, it’s ridiculous, but it’s Disney. I’ll play by their rules!)
  • Started reading through all of those articles on Pintrest from all the best traveling alums.

Still a lot of planning to do, but it will no doubt be amazing. So that’s what’s top of mind for me in terms of my dream vacation. What’s on your agenda? Or, just pretend – where would you go on a dream vacation?

May all your wishes come true!

Happy…but tired…but happy


I call this one, "Sanctuary."

I call this one, “Sanctuary.”

I had great intentions of writing a more in-depth post about some things rumbling around in my head, lately, but it’s takes too much energy and this week has me spent. Anyone else feeling like that?

So here’s a quick run down of some things that make me happy

Note: I’m purposely not adding friends and family because this list would get really long, but ya’ll know who you are that make me happy.

  1. Puppies. Especially those named after Seinfeld characters. RIP Uncle Leo!
  2. Red Moscato wine. Call me trashy, I don’t care!
  3. My green blanket
  4. Running
  5. Writing
  6. Watching cartoons with my son
  7. Netflix bingeing with my hubby
  8. Any form of baking with apples – Apple crisp or applesauce anyone?
  9. Disney princesses (and Disney movies, in general), there I said it!
  10. The show, Once Upon a Time. Don’t judge!
  11. Getting a jump start on the day. Alarm goes off at 4:45. Time to rise and shine! (and pass out at 9pm, promptly)
  12. Beyonce.
  13. This short clip of Jackson showing off his half yoga/half bodybuilder skills at my cousin’s wedding.

There’s a lot more, per usual, but I think that’s a pretty good list for now. Anything weird or funny make you happy today? Share it in the comments below!

Happy Sunday night, everyone.


Never leave, baby pudge. Never leave! #thatchin ❤️

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